Nowadays online dating and social media is so popular, it is no surprise more and more people are meeting and falling in love from all parts of the world. However, falling in love, getting engaged and dreaming of a life together in the US is the easy part.

Many of these couples have no idea how to start the immigration process so they can start their lives together in the US. Unfortunately, government websites explaining the K1 visa process can be confusing, immigration lawyers can be costly, and worst of all there are unlicensed fast and easy visa places waiting to take the unsuspecting couples money.

Fortunately, for most couples as long as they meet the minimum requirements and are truly in love obtaining a K1 visa is a fairly straightforward process. However, there is no fast and easy solution as some businesses promise you will need to fill out several forms, gather supporting documents, and attend an interview.

The goal of this website is to explain the entire K1 visa process in plain English from start to finish.  This website provides detailed information about the entire K1 visa process trying to make it as easy for you as possible.

In developing this website, I have drawn on my experience with immigration clients, and gathered stories from other lawyers. I’ve tried to anticipate a variety of complications and questions that viewers may have, so that their application process will go as smoothly as possible.

Please be aware that although I try my best to keep this website as up to date and accurate as possible immigration laws and procedures change frequently so you should not rely entirely on the information found on this website.

I wish everyone the best of luck in obtaining a K1 visa and I hope you find this website helpful.


Eric Rasch, J.D.