DS-160 Instructions for K1 Visa

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How to fill out Form DS-160 online for a K1 visa

First, watch out for outdated information on the internet mentioning various paper forms, such as DS-230, DS-156, and DS-156K. These forms were phased out in 2013, so you don’t need to worry about them now. The proper form to fill out now is Form DS-160, which can only be filled out online.

Filling out Form DS-160 online is a straightforward and easy process. There is no paper version of this form so you must fill it out online. In order to complete online Form DS-160 the fiancé beneficiary will need internet access, a printer, and some command of the English Language. If the fiancé beneficiary doesn’t speak or understand English well it is ok for the U.S. citizen petitioner to fill in the answers for the fiancé beneficiary, but the fiancé beneficiary must be the one who electronically signs and submits online Form DS-160 to the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

You can access online Form DS-160 by visiting the Bureau of Consular Affairs website. The fiancé beneficiary can use the drop-down list on the upper right corner of the page titled “select tool tip language” and select their native language. Then whenever they hover over any text on the form a box will appear with the text translated into their native language. Using this feature can make filling out the form a little easier for finances with basic English language skills. Although all question on the form can be translated into the fiancé beneficiary’s native language all answers on online Form DS-160 must be supplied in English.

DS-160 Sample

Each applicant for a K visa (including accompanying children if applicable) will need to complete a separate Form DS-160 application.

When filling out Form DS-160 you will be asked basic personal information (nothing complicated) such as your name, date of birth, address, phone number, and passport information.  You will also be asked about your U.S. travel plans: your expected date of U.S. arrival, previous U.S. travel history, family information, and work/education history.

You will also need a recent digital photograph of yourself to upload.

Print a copy of your completed DS-160 application for your records. You will need to bring a copy of the confirmation page and DS-160 barcode to your K1 visa interview at the U.S. consulate.