G-325A Instructions

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Form G-325A (Biographic Information) is fairly straightforward and easy to complete.

G-325A Tips:

If you don’t know the answer to a question it is ok to write “unknown.” For example, if you don’t know the city your father was born in it is ok to write “unknown” in the space provided. Only write “unknown” if you truly can’t remember and have no way to reasonably obtain the information, because too many unknowns may cause your form to get rejected by USCIS.

If you are unable to recall an exact date, just enter as much information as you can remember. For example, if you can’t remember the month you started a job just enter the year.

G-325A Instructions Step by Step steps 

The questions on this form are not numbered, so we reference them by line numbers below.

Lines 1 and 2 (Family Name – SSN): Straightforward.

Line 3 (Information about your parents): Straightforward.

Line 4 (Information about your husband or wife if applicable): Straightforward.

Line 5 (Information about your former husband or wife if applicable): You must complete this section if it applies to you. For the date of “termination” enter the date of the divorce, annulment, or death of former spouse.

Line 6 (Applicant’s residence last five years): List your current address first and all prior addresses in reverse chronological order.

For example, if you live in Tampa now but lived in Miami before, your Tampa address would go on the top line and your Miami address on the second line.

Line 7 (Applicant’s last address outside the United States of more than one year): Even if you already listed this address in Line 6, list it again here.

Line 8 (Applicant’s employment last five years): Again, as in Line 6 you must list your employment for the past 5 years in reverse chronological order. If you were unemployed, self-employed, or a home maker, indicate that here. Do not leave any time period during the past five years unaccounted for here. You must mention all your employers even if you were working illegally in the United States. If you can’t fit the complete name and address of your employer on one line it is ok to use two lines (be creative).

Line 9 (Last occupation abroad if not shown above): Straightforward.

Line 10 (This form is submitted in connection with an application for): Check “other” and write “Fiancé Visa K1.” If you are not applying for a fiancé visa check the appropriate box.

Line 11 (If your native alphabet is in other than Roman letters): If your native language uses non-Roman script such as Thai or Russian, you will need to write your name and address in that script. If you are completing this form online, this can’t be written online. It is ok to complete the rest of this form, print it and then write this answer by hand.

Line 12 (The large bolded box): Do not type in this Line. Print your completed G-325A and write the answers to the questions in this line by hand.

G-325A Sample