K1 Visa Forms

K1 visa forms help

In order to apply for a K1 fiancé visa you will need to fill out several forms. Most of the questions on these forms are very straightforward asking for basic information, such as your name and date of birth. However, other questions are tricky designed to test the validity of your relationship and to ensure you meet the requirements for a K1 visa. It is very important to answer all the questions correctly and honestly in order to avoid visa delays or even worse a denial.  By clicking on the links below you will find detailed instructions and examples for all the forms required when applying for a K1 visa.

Forms that must accompany the I-129F Fiancé Visa Petition:

  1. I-129F Instructions
  2. I-129F Sample
  3. G-1145 (Optional)
  4. Form G-325A is no longer required with the I-129F Petition

Sample letters for the I-129F Petition:

  1. I-129F Cover Letter
  2. Supplemental Answer to I-129F Question 34a
  3. Statements of Intent to Marry

Forms that must be brought to the K1 Visa Interview:

  1. I-134 Instructions and Samples
  2. DS-160 Instructions