K1 Visa Interview Checklist


You will need to bring the following documents with you when you attend the K1 fiancé Visa interview:

  1. The confirmation page showing that you have completed online Form DS-160.
  2. The original USCIS Notice of Action numbered I-797 approving the K1 fiancé visa petition.
  3. A complete copy of the K1 fiancé visa petition that the U.S. citizen petitioner submitted to USCIS.
  4. Originals of all documents submitted in connection with the fiancé visa petition submitted to USCIS, such as the U.S. citizen petitioner’s birth certificate and proof that any prior marriages have ended.
  5. The original Form I-134 (Affidavit of Support) signed by the U.S. citizen petitioner in black ink.
  6. Documents to accompany Form I-134, such as a copy of the U.S. citizen petitioner’s most recent federal tax return and paycheck stubs. Read the instructions you received from the U.S. consulate carefully, they will tell you exactly what documents must accompany Form I-134 as the requirements amongst Embassies can vary.
  7. The results of the fiancé beneficiary’s medical examination, in an unopened envelope, unless the results were sent directly to the consulate.
  8. A recent statement of intent to Marry from the U.S. citizen petitioner. It has been several months since USCIS approved the initial petition thus the Consular Officer may want proof that the U.S. citizen petitioner still intends to marry you within 90 days of your arrival into the United States. (See: Sample Statement of Intent to Marry)
  9. Documents showing that your relationship is still ongoing. You want documents covering the time period since the fiancé visa petition was submitted up to the K1 visa interview. You should bring documents with you such as recent emails, chat logs, and photos of the two of you together.
  10. All documents requested in the instructions the fiancé beneficiary received from the U.S. consulate. Read the instructions carefully and make sure to bring all documents requested by the U.S. consulate with you to the K1 visa interview. Typically, the U.S. consulate will ask you to bring documents such as your birth certificate, passport, police clearance, photographs, etc.

You want to organize all your documents in such a way that you can easy find them during the K1 visa interview if the Consular Officer asks to examine a certain document. Typically a large folder with marked tabs is a good way to organize the documents so they can be easily found during the interview.