Sample Fiancé Meeting Statement Form I-129F


Nathan Michael Smith Form I-129F Part 2 Question 34.a.

I first met my fiancée in December 2013, while visiting my best friend who moved to the Philippines a few years ago to start a surfing school. My best friend Rick had been telling me for quite some time that he wanted to introduce me to his girlfriend’s friend Emma insisting we were a perfect match. He told me she is studying at the Center for Culinary Arts in Manila to become a chef just like me. I told him I have had bad experiences in the past when friends have tried to hook me up and that I wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship. One evening, while Rick and I were eating dinner at Shakey’s Pizza in the Mall of Asia his girlfriend showed up with her friend Emma.

To my surprise, we hit it off right away. We had so much to talk about—I could tell right away she shared the same passion for cooking and food as me. We talked about different kinds of cooking techniques and our favorite recipes. She told me that she would be completing culinary school in 8 months and then she would move back to her province in Mindanao. The two of us were hitting it off so well that Rick and his girlfriend left so we could be alone.

Unfortunately, when I met Emma I only had two weeks left of my vacation in the Philippines, but we spent almost all of it together. In the mornings Emma would attend her culinary classes and we spent every afternoon, evening, and weekend together. By the end of my trip, we both knew this was the start of a serious relationship.

After, I returned home Emma and I started communicating almost every day by email, Skype, and over the phone. Every day, our relationship grew stronger and I couldn’t wait to see her again.

In April of 2015 Emma graduated culinary school and moved back to her parents’ house in Digos City. I was also able to get some time off work so I decided to go back to the Philippines to see her again and propose. When I arrived at the airport in Davao on April 15th 2015, Emma was waiting outside for me with her cousin who gave us a ride to her parents’ house in Digos City.

When we arrived at her parents’ house her father and brothers were outside preparing a lechon to surprise me when I arrived.  We spent five days at her parents’ house, but on the fifth night I surprised her with two tickets to Boracay. The next morning on the 20th we flew to Boracay and checked into the Boracay Beach House where we would spend seven nights together. On our last day the 26th I proposed and she happily accepted.

The next morning, we flew back to Davao and we returned to her parents’ house to tell everyone the good news. Everyone was so happy for us and I began to feel like I was part of the family already. On May 2nd I returned home from the Philippines.

Since, I have returned home me and Emma continue to communicate every day planning our wedding and making plans for our future together.

As proof that Emma and I have met in person and intend to marry, I am attaching copies of my plane tickets/boarding passes to Davao; copies of our plane tickets/boarding passes to Boracay; photos of the two of us together; copies of our telephone bills and some of our emails; and a copy of our engagement ring receipt.